A Little History

As a response to the Nazi domination of Europe in 1940, Winston Churchill created the Special Operations Executive (SOE) as a branch of MI6 to create resistance and unconventional warfare capability. Churchill appointed the “Quiet Canadian” Sir William Stephson to spearhead British foreign intelligence in America and established the British Security Coordination (BSC) in New York. In 1941 CAMP X was built in Oshawa, Ontario Canada on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Camp X…the ultimate Spy School was the birthplace of the James Bond legacy…with Fleming training at the Camp in 1943 and creating his Bond character after these experiences.

Camp X… was the legitimate birthplace of the CIA. The Coordinator of Information (COI) and then Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was first trained in their original spycraft at CAMP X. Three of the most prominent directors of the CIA… Alan Dulles, William Colby, and William Casey were students at CAMP X.

Long time CIA Staff historian Thomas Troy has said…” There wouldn’t be a CIA without Stephenson and Donovan.” OSS founder, William Donovan stated that “everything America learned about foreign intelligence… they learned from Stephenson”.

Welcome back to CAMP X reborn…the next generation of tactical training with the STS Group is here.

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