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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

You have been selected... Prepare for Mission Execution...

Your Mission

Your mission... should you join the Unit... is tactical training and preparation. Report to CAMP X - STS Group

Regardless of experience, athletic background or training… you will be trained in Special Forces tradecraft …

Mission Planning, basic Surveillance, Map and Compass, Firearms training,(pistol and carbine), Unarmed Combat, Patrolling and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) skills by instructors from the Tier 1 Special Forces community.

The culmination of training… a Hostage Rescue mission.

The Unit has requested your skills as an operator.

Do you have what it takes to complete the mission?

Mission Details

STS Group is dedicated to making this an accessible, fun and seriously empowering experience... Welcome to the Unit.

Operator training exists in 2 to 5 day formats and skills training and scenarios are adapted accordingly.

Training location and cost is determined per client details, location and interest.

NO prior experience is required.

Phone interview and deposit is required after details are established.

Contact us to tell us more about what you are looking for and a proposal will be created and presented to you.

Dominate The Darkness